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James Ching Records
When James Ching died in 1962 he left a collection of old 78rpm records which had been made in his recording studio. They are labelled in his handwriting and on many of them were labelled Adelina. He had set up a recording studio in his Hampstead flat, mainly to record his students’ playing so that they could listen to it away from the piano. He also recorded a number of pieces which students could buy to help them prepare for professional piano examinations. These were then sold as part of the James Ching Professional Service. In 2011 these recordings were expertly transcribed onto CD by Robin Lim. The sound quality is not to be compared directly with modern recordings, but the vitality and musicality of the performances are wonderfully preserved.

Adelina de Lara 1872 - 1961
Adelina de Lara was a pupil of Clara Schumann and during her period of study with her in Germany she learnt how to interpret the works of Robert Schumann. She had a distinguished concert career as a pianist which was coming to a close by the 1950s, when she was in her eighties, although she occasionally broadcast talks about her experiences with Madame Schumann.

Adelina went to James Ching’s studio, probably in 1956, and spent time with him recording Schumann on his Steinway grand piano. She had just published her autobiography called ‘Finale’ and gave a copy to James which is part of our archive. Inside the front cover is a hand written dedication which reads ‘With much appreciation to James Ching –the most glorious player of Bach – from Adelina 1956’. In the book she also records her impression that James Ching was the musician whose appearance most reminded her of Brahms.

You can purchase these recordings at £10.00 each. There is no postage or packing charge for CDs.

Send an email to by clicking this text, include details of which disk(s) you require, your full address and a cheque for the appropriate amount to ‘James Ching Professional Service’.

1. James Ching plays Bach
  Prelude and Fugue in A major BWV 888 (WTC Book2)
  Italian Concerto BWV 971
  Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor BWV 903
  Gigue from the French Suite BWV 816

2. Adelina de Lara Plays Schumann.
Davidsbündlertanzen, Op 6
tücke Op 12 ‘Aufschung’
  Drei Romanze Op 28 no 1 in B-flat minor ‘Sehr markiert’
  Kreisleriana Op 161.

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